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Cảm biến E3S-DCN21

Cảm biến E3S-DCN21

Thông số kỹ thuật cảm biến omron E3S-DCP21-IL3

Sensing method Appearance Connection
Output Model IO-Link
baud rate
(mark detection)
3531_lu_1_1 M12 connector 10±3 mm Push-pull Cảm biến E3S-DCP21-IL2 COM2
(38.4 kbps)
Cảm biến E3S-DCP21-IL3 COM3
(230.4 kbps)
NPN Cảm biến E3S-DCN21 Not supported

Note: Please contact your OMRON sales representative regarding the IO-Link setup file (IODD file).
* Refer to Ratings and Specifications for the baud rate.

Accessories (Sold Separately)

Sensor I/O Connectors (Required for a Sensor with a connector.)
Connectors are not provided with the Sensors. Be sure to order a Connector separately.

Size Type Appearance Cable length Model
M12 Socket on one
cable end
Straight 3531_lu_2_1 2 m Giắc cắm XS2F-D421-D80-F
5 m Giắc cắm XS2F-D421-G80-F


2 m Giắc cắm XS2F-D422-D80-F
5 m Giắc cắm XS2F-D422-G80-F
Socket and plug on
cable ends *1
Smartclick connector
3531_lu_2_3 2 m Giắc cắm XS5W-D421-D81-F
5 m Giắc cắm XS5W-D421-G81-F
Smartclick connector


2 m Giắc cắm XS5W-D422-D81-F
5 m Giắc cắm XS5W-D422-G81-F

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