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Cảm biến E3S-DCN21

Cảm biến E3S-DCN21 Thông số kỹ thuật cảm biến omron E3S-DCP21-IL3 Sensing method Appearance Connection method Sensing distance Output Model IO-Link baud rate * Diffuse-reflective (mark detection) M12 connector 10±3 mm Push-pull Cảm biến E3S-DCP21-IL2 COM2 (38.4 kbps) Cảm biến E3S-DCP21-IL3 COM3 (230.4 kbps) NPN Cảm biến E3S-DCN21 Not supported …

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Giắc cắm XS5F-D421-D80-F

Giắc cắm XS5F-D421-D80-F Slit width Sensing distance Minimum detectable object (Reference value) Model Contents E3Z-T[][] 0.5-mm dia. 50 mm 0.2-mm dia. E39-S65A One set (contains Slits for both the Emitter and Receiver) 1-mm dia. 200 mm 0.4-mm dia. E39-S65B 2-mm dia. 800 mm 0.7-mm dia. E39-S65C 0.5 × 10 mm …

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