Slit width Sensing distance Minimum detectable object
(Reference value)
Model Contents
0.5-mm dia. 50 mm 0.2-mm dia. E39-S65A One set
(contains Slits for both the
Emitter and Receiver)
1-mm dia. 200 mm 0.4-mm dia. E39-S65B
2-mm dia. 800 mm 0.7-mm dia. E39-S65C
0.5 × 10 mm 1 m 0.2-mm dia. E39-S65D
1 × 10 mm 2.2 m 0.5-mm dia. E39-S65E
2 × 10 mm 5 m 0.8-mm dia. E39-S65F


(Reflector required for Retroreflective Sensors) A Reflector is not provided with the Sensor. Be sure to order a Reflector separately.

Name Sensing distance * Model Quantity Remarks
Rated value Reference value
Reflector 3 m (100 mm) E39-R1 1 • Reflectors are not provided with
Retro-reflective models.
• The MSR function of the
E3Z-R[] is enabled.
4 m (100 mm) E39-R1S 1
5 m (100 mm) E39-R2 1
2.5 m (100 mm) E39-R9 1
3.5 m(100 mm) E39-R10 1
Fog Preventive Coating 3 m (100 mm) E39-R1K 1
Small Reflector 1.5 m (50 mm) E39-R3 1
Tape Reflector 700 mm (150 mm) E39-RS1 1
1.1 m (150 mm) E39-RS2 1
1.4 m (150 mm) E39-RS3 1

A Mounting Bracket is not enclosed with the Sensor. Order a Mounting Bracket separately if required.

Appearance Model (material) Quantity Remarks
3542_lu_4_1 E39-L153
(SUS304) *1
1 Mounting Brackets
3542_lu_4_2 E39-L104
(SUS304) *1
3542_lu_4_3 E39-L43
(SUS304) *2
1 Horizontal Mounting Brackets
3542_lu_4_4 E39-L142
(SUS304) *2
1 Horizontal Protective Cover Bracket
3542_lu_4_5 E39-L44
1 Rear Mounting Bracket
3542_lu_4_6 E39-L98
(SUS304) *2
1 Metal Protective Cover Bracket
3542_lu_4_7 E39-L150
1 (Sensor adjuster)
Easily mounted to the aluminum frame rails of conveyors
and easily adjusted.
For left to right adjustment
3542_lu_4_8 E39-L151
3542_lu_4_9 E39-L144
(SUS304) *2
1 Compact Protective
Cover Bracket (For E3Z only)


Size Type Appearance Cable length Model
M12 Socket on one cable
Smartclick connector
Straight *2
3542_lu_5_1 2 m Giắc cắm XS5F-D421-D80-F
5 m Giắc cắm XS5F-D421-G80-F
Smartclick connector
L-shape *2 *3
3542_lu_5_2 2 m Giắc cắm XS5F-D422-D80-F
5 m Giắc cắm XS5F-D422-G80-F
Socket and plug on
cable ends *1
Smartclick connector
Straight *2
3542_lu_5_3 2 m Giắc cắm XS5W-D421-D81-F
5 m Giắc cắm XS5W-D421-G81-F
Smartclick connector
L-shape/L-shape *2 *3
3542_lu_5_4 2 m Giắc cắm XS5W-D422-D81-F
5 m Giắc cắm XS5W-D422-G81-F
M8 Socket on one cable
Straight *3 3542_lu_5_5 2 m Giắc cắm XS3F-M421-402-A
5 m Giắc cắm XS3F-M421-405-A
L-shape *3 *4 3542_lu_5_6 2 m Giắc cắm XS3F-M422-402-A
5 m Giắc cắm XS3F-M422-405-A
M8 socket/
M12 plug
Socket and plug on
cable ends
M8-M12 (Smartclick)
conversion cable *2
3542_lu_5_7 0.2 m Giắc cắm XS3W-M42C-4C2-A

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